Buying Your Very First Vape Mod

vape mods

Ah vapers and vape mods. To the novice vaper, you’re probably asking yourself “why” but to the expert and seasoned veteran, they know exactly what they are, what they can do for your device and how important they are. Not only that but it’s something that can get pretty addicting as well once you’re used to it and you know what you’re buying. We’ll go over the key features such as, what a vape mod is, what you’ll need, how to build them, etc.

So what is a vape mod? To “mod” something is technically just short term for modification but when it comes to smoking in general, mod actually comes from some older times. There were these people who were self-proclaimed do it yourselfers that would actually tear apart some cigarettes and then they’d create these freakish inventions using tubes, pipes or anything in their nearby vicinity.

However, as time evolved, this term started applying to people who were using something other than cig-a-likes or other various products. So, technically, you can realistically make anything into a mod but if you should or shouldn’t do it is the question. You’ll also need some equipment before you begin.

You’ll need to know exactly what you need to begin or what you’re looking for when making a purchase. First, think about how you vape right now. Now that you have that deep in your mind, I want you to think about how you really want to vape. Look into the future and think, “how do I want to vape, what kind of cool extensions do I want to put on here?” From there, you’re going to have to think about some sacrifices that need to be made and what must have features that you really need or want.

In the vape industry today, you can easily find out the price of these wants and needs because it’s advanced so much you can easily determine some features down to a single price point. The next thing you need to do is give yourself a defining budget and know how much that you need to spend. How much are you willing to spend, even if it’s everything? A lot of people who vape are willing to pump a lot of money into this hobby of theirs and forget to set a limit for themselves so they so that overspending doesn’t happen.

What kind of popular mod options are out there as well? After you figure out exactly what you need, you can go onto the market, see what’s out there, what’s popular and where to get it. Choosing the right mod at this point is basically just going to come down to different retailers, shipping and the pricing they offer. Again, at your own discretion, this is something you’ll have to choose based on your own personal preference. It could essentially be as simple as just browsing a few online retailers and finding one that you like. So, keep shopping until you find the mod you like.