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You might have considered substituting the cigarette stick with something else safer and more appealing, vaporizers. Well, the truth is, vaporizer pens are with every tick of the clock today being embraced by many, due to the fact that it is not only safer to the user as compared to smoking, but safer to bystanders as well. The modern Vaporizer pens come in a variety of designs and colors, have refillable cartridges into which the herb or nicotine is heated up, are classy, are battery operated and well portable. But why are they so popular?

Why Vaping Is Considered Safer Than Smoking

The main reason for this is that whereas smoking involves the inhalation of substances resulting from direct burning (some of which are carcinogenic compounds), vaping is made safer by the fact that the substances you inhale result from indirect burning, as the herbs or nicotine is heated in a controlled manner. Some types have temperature control features and most of the harmful stuff is filtered away by a barrier of sorts. As much as studies are still immensely being undertaken about the health safety of vaporizers to date, no significant amount of carcinogenic radiations has been noted in vaping as compared to cigarette smoking. These elegant devices have received some criticism, but not disapproval by health organs.

handheld vaporizerWhy Vaporizer Pens Are So Popular These Days

Unlike smoking on the stick where direct burning of tobacco in contact with the heating material is involved, most modern vaporizer pens are heat up by convection; meaning that the source of heating and the material is never in direct contact. This makes them safer as compared to smoking traditional cigarettes. The user also gets to enjoy the practice more, especially since vaporizers have different flavors such as fruit, vanilla, juice, chocolate and a lot more from which the user can choose. The device is also more stylish, is portable and presentable.

Additionally, one doesn’t have to shy away from the public when they have a vaporizer pen. The user also doesn’t have to worry about intoxicating the people nearby as is the case with second hand smoking with traditional cigarettes. The other interesting thing that contributes to the popularity of vaporizer pen is that the user is at liberty to choose their desired nicotine or herb concentration unlike with smokes. Some school of thought also believes that these modern smoking instruments are somewhat effective on individuals willing to quite the smoking practice altogether.

Why Buy One?

In summary, Vape pens are safer, available in numerous varieties, highly affordable, stylish, and non-toxic to passersby. There are also kits for beginners, and since these devices are known to induce way lesser degrees of addiction as compared to direct smoking, getting one for yourself for once-in-a-while use might not be such a bad idea.

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