Why Do Vapes Explode?

Everyone has heard of the nightmare stories of vaporizers exploding. Missing teeth, bust lips, even broken jaws. So, are these stories just urban legends from anti-vape lobbyists? Or are there truth to these claims?

Well, the fact of the matter is, vapes have exploded on their users in the past, and it can happen for a variety of reasons. We’ll go through each one of them, but here’s a brief overview.

  1. The quality of the vaporizer you purchased.
  2. How you charge your vape.
  3. The battery cover on your vape (lost or damaged?)
  4. Exposure to extreme heat or cold
  5. What’s going on with the battery of your vape
  6. Hybrid tech mods and/or improper atomizers

The Quality of Your Vape

Buying a premium quality vaporizer is the best way to avoid an explosion. Counterfeit vapes or vaporizers made from very cheaply put together materials are a one way ticket to Kabaam City. Do some research on the vape your buying before you buy it, and make sure its the real deal.

Also make sure to buy premium quality e-liquids for your vape. This is like buying the highest quality gas for your car. It will clean the engine and keep it running smoothly – visit website to get some free samples of high quality e-liquids.. thank me later!

How You Charge Your Vape

The batteries in your vape are very powerful. In fact, these lithium-ion batteries are much stronger energizers than the batteries you’ll find in your cell phone or TV remote. With that said, overcharging these batteries can potentially be dangerous.

Make sure you use the exact same charger provided when you purchased your vape, as this charger would put the manufactured recommended voltage to your battery, and reduce the possibility of an overcharge.

The Battery Cover on Your Vape

If the battery cover of your vape is lost or damaged, this can lead to damage to your battery, which can lead to a vapesplosion. If your battery cover is lost or damaged, call the manufacturer and get a replacement shipped ASAP.

Exposure to Extreme Heat or Cold

Take my word on it, you don’t want to leave your vape in your car in the summertime, or out in the ice-cold weather in the winter. Extreme temperatures lead to battery damage, which can possibly lead to a malfunction of your device leading to a KABLAOW.

What’s Going On With Your Vape Batteries

If the batteries in your vape are loose, incorrect or counterfeit, all these factors can lead to a short circuit which can lead to a boom. Make sure that your batteries fit correctly, and are the manufacturer recommended batteries.

Tech Mods

The biggest reason we’ve heard over here at Green Flag Alliance as to why  a vape explodes is if its been modded. Modding a vape basically means it was modified to run a different way, perhaps to blow more clouds or get more flavors. Tinkering with your vape is not a good idea, especially if your not an engineer.

Stick to these pro tips and vape worry free! And don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list! 

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